what makes you more deeply connected to where you want to go?

how do you learn what you need in interactions, to grow to there?

Our outside world is only as aligned and connected, as the world we develop inside ourselves. We must BECOME the culture we want to live within.

As a Leadership Coach and People Development Facilitator, I build off of research from Google and top leadership companies that's discovered that trusting relationships are the key to successful teams and companies. I emphasize emotional intelligence (EQ)––which develops the skills for relationship building, psychological safety, and trust––and it has become the foundation of leadership training across top tech companies. This places Inside Out research at the frontier for improving human and cultural thriving, which I practice under the umbrella of adult developmental psychology.

By understanding our internal landscape of emotional responses, patterned reactivity, socialized assumptions, developmental behaviors, values, strengths, etc––from the inside, we come into alignment with the people and initiatives that can propel our momentum for us, and reflect into our outside world.

Listen to my 9-minute guided reflection to help you shift from a mindset of defensiveness or judgment, to a place of trust and connection, within conflict. Find it here!

Operating from within the feeling of "enough", starts from inside us, to create resilience and fulfillment across our lives of leadership––personally and professionally.

So let's get started on the real work––on the INSIDE.


 ...I found myself in a place and time where every distraction held geopolitical import. It was thrilling. But up close, I experienced diplomats, journalists, and policy makers who spent all of their personal energy on cultivating powerful, reactive, external lives.
I wouldn’t have used this language then, for I, too, was a mostly political animal—but they were underdeveloped spiritually, beginners when it came to inner landscapes of beauty that would anchor and nourish them on the inside, beyond work, in the intimate spaces that in the end define us all.
— Krista Tippett, Founder OnBeing, Former Chief Aide to U.S. Ambassador to West Germany
Krista Tippett, Founder of OnBeing Podcast

Krista Tippett, Founder of OnBeing Podcast


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