Leading from the Inside Out

You'll be guided in a ~9-minute reflection combining different adult developmental theory concepts to start understanding when you’re coming from defensiveness, distrust, judgment, or disconnection, which means you’re “below the line”. 

You’ll start to identify the signals your body is sending, learn how you can catch yourself, then consider how you might reprogram yourself to shift "above the line" to curiosity, trust, and connection, within conflict. (View the below Conscious Leadership Group video on 'Above and Below the Line', if you haven't yet.)


Reflection takeaways

Let’s recap the reflection’s key points for reprogramming yourself above the line:

  1. Check in with your body to catch your mind
    It’s difficult to be defensive when our posture is above the line. People share that they rarely tune into what's happening in their bodies when they’re coming from a conflict below the line. Our body and breathing mirrors our thoughts, so practicing deep belly breathing, and keeping your shoulders open and forehead relaxed is useful in bringing more curiosity to a conflict. Amy Cuddy, Harvard expert and author on Presence, has a great body of research on this, including her Ted Talk on the Wonder Woman pose.

  2. Practice a checklist on your approval, security, and control.
    Are any of these missing? If so, that may be pulling you below the line.

  3. Practice powerful shifting questions.


    • (Note: Adult development expert, Jennifer Garvey Berger, provides this fantastic inquiry as part of the Growth Edge Coaching method. It's effective for challenging yourself when you catch yourself judging, or when you notice your inner critic)

  • How can I take another’s perspective?

  • What can I learn from this?

  • What can I appreciate?


Watch this 3-minute video from the Conscious Leadership Group, on their “Above and Below the Line” concept.

If you haven't yet, check out this post I wrote on the concept of 'Leading from the Inside Out' for more context and research behind this reflection. Cheers to shifting (or just knowing you can)!