Create a foundational shift in yourself through building a stronger relationship with your Internal Operating System.

Develop more alignment and connection as you work toward a transition you’re hoping to make in your life.

I've created a 5-month, group-based (4-6 people) coaching program to focus on growing towards One Big Thing that you’re trying to foundationally develop or change in your life. You’ll learn to manage your internal programming, including your supportive or unsupportive thought patterns, assumptions, and conscious or unconscious inner dialogue and somatic responses.

I've developed a progression of experiential exercises and guided reflections based on Adult Development Theory and Behavioral Change approaches from Harvard-originated research and leading-edge leadership coaching training.

This program emphasizes tapping into the energy of your wisest, most resilient Self, by learning to identify and move past the critical voices you have, that drown out your supportive, guiding, core inner voice.

All of my exercises are self-created and adapted from inspirational sources which include the following renowned, progressive thought leaders, in the Leadership Development space: Conscious Leadership Group, Hendricks Institute, Coaches Training Institute, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey of Minds at Work, Center for Self-Leadership, Bob Anderson of Leadership Circle, Lama Tsultrim Allione of Tara Mandala, and Jennifer Garvey Berger of Growth-Edge Coaching.



  • Session 1: Connecting to Authentic Leadership
    Access and internalize the North Star you’ll orient toward

  • Session 2: Tuning Your Internal Compass
    Explore your “Yes” and “No” Signatures to navigate towards your North Star and develop boundaries for when you’re off course

  • Session 3: Transforming Your Obstacles
    Locate internal blocks, surface inner sabotaging dialogue, and reprogram to more empowering scripts

  • Session 4: Gathering an InneR Council
    Create an Advisory Board of internal parts of yourself and external people, to support your journey of practicing.

  • Private 1:1 Coaching
    1-hr session to reinforce your continuing path and practice going forward.

  • Optional Group Update Check-In (Optional based on group interest/commitment)


  • 4 sessions, 1 session per month (if you join, I ask you to commit to allocate time for all 4 sessions, as it's important for the intimacy of the group and the outcomes of your growth)

  • Each session is 2 hours long

  • One 1-hr private coaching session

  • Light interim HW (if it energizes you)


  • monthly, group gathering via Zoom video

  • guided self-reflections and exercises

  • research-based tools and explanations on how to integrate each exercise

  • group discussion and reflection on various exercises

  • Optional interim accountability partner

  • light, on-the-spot coaching

  • interim supportive emails

  • continuous application of the exercises toward the One Big Thing you’re shifting