Shift your interactions,
change your life, from the inside, out.

Have you always felt there’s something bigger you’re meant to do?

I’m a systems thinker, so I make sense of how the different behaviors of a person are interrelated, and how this relates to the environments in which they’re operating. My leadership coaching approach bridges personal and professional development, to help clarify what you want and how to align your internal and external awareness, to get you there.

We’ll explore your Internal Operating System (IOS) – the foundational beliefs that your patterns, perceptions, and judgments are built upon – to help you deepen the interactions within your life. We’ll work with tools to help you skillfully navigate the shifts, changes, and transitions you’re looking to make. And you’ll realize you can do things you don’t think are possible, by reprogramming your survival-mode defaults.

I combine adult developmental theory, evidenced-based psychology, and humanistic coaching methods to:

  • build a map of your current Internal Operating System

  • identify misalignments or limitations between how you’re operating and how you want to be operating instead

  • empower you with in-the-moment tools to shift your behaviors

  • guide you to relax into more of the life, and leadership, that you're wanting to live every day (through the ups & downs)

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I challenge how your internal experience (what’s going on inside your head) is reflected in the world of interactions around you. 

"The marvelous thing about a good question is that it shapes our identity as much by the asking as it does by the answering." ––David Whyte

Some questions to realign around:

  • How much connection vs. disconnection do I allow?

  • How am I getting in my own way?

  • What am I tolerating?

Skills we may cover:

  • Update your Internal Operating System to a less fear-based or anxious mindset

  • Build stronger personal and professional relationships, by learning to manage your (amygdala-default) reactive triggers and patterned judgments

  • Identify limiting internal dialogue scripts and hidden obstacles to shift away from

  • Reprogram your reality to invite the life that is calling you – magnetize more people and opportunities that can support and propel you to be in flow

  • Develop a stronger relationship with yourself, for more presence and resilience

  • Identify and listen more habitually to your internal compass (your Wisest Self has all your answers)

  • Become more comfortable with trusting yourself and the fulfilling life that’s calling you



My approach to upgrading your Internal Operating System involves:

  • Emotional Intelligence Development (self-awareness, self-regulation, social skill, empathy, motivation)

  • Adult Developmental Theory Progression (emphasis toward Self-Authoring and Self-Transforming Mind)

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Evidence-based Psychology

  • Presencing Techniques

  • Resilience Building

  • Growth, Learning, and Behavioral Change Mindset Cultivation

Learn more about the impact of your hidden commitments.

Here's a snapshot of what working together could look like:

1) Discovery Session 30-minute, FREE exploration of how we might best work together to explore where you are now and where you are going.

2) Internal Operating System Deep-Dive immersion into some of your core developmental patterning, personal identity, internal landscape, and areas for growth via pre-engagement intake questions.

3) Regular 1-hr Coaching Sessions series of bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions to uncover and develop new behaviors and mindsets toward changing the foundation you operate from, across a minimum of 5 months/10 sessions (real change takes time).

4) Integration Follow-ons we'll agree on energizing practices and assignments that you'll work on to reinforce and unearth new learnings between each of our sessions––a lot of growth happens here.

5) Email Check Ins I'm available if you'd like to share insights or progress, if you have questions on Follow-on exercises, or need support.

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Learn more about my coaching methodology.

Some of my humanistic observations from coaching:

  • Most judgments of people have 2 origins––either something you're growing away from that you recognize and fear in yourself, or something you're growing towards that you're afraid you don't yet have in yourself.

  • Your judgments, conscious or unconscious, dictate the opportunities that come to you and the ones you block.

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