Inside Out Quotient
Inside Out Quotient
Transform your leadership from the inside, out.


Transformation starts from the inside, out.

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Lead from
wholeness, connectedness & alignment
with what's most important to you–starting from the inside, out.

Marisol Macgregor is a Leadership Coach & People Development Consultant who blends adult development theory + Emotional Intelligence (EQ) development, to help leaders and teams build resilient connection, first within themselves, then across all their interactions. Her Systems Thinking approach supports people in reprogramming their Internal Operating System to adapt and thrive within the quickly-changing environments they work and live.

Learn more about Inside Out Philosophy, my Coaching methodology, and my Culture Development approach, below.


Inside Out Philosophy


Culture Training


Transformational Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to walk your talk and to feel the way you want to show up in the world? The most influential people in our life are living from a place of inner empowerment.

Explore your Internal Operating System – the foundational beliefs that your patterns, perceptions, and judgments are built upon. Discover how a strong awareness of this influences all of your external interactions and relationships, toward the changes you’re looking for.

What are you looking to change and grow toward?
We'll come at this within a developmental framework that addresses transpersonal, cognitive, somatic, and emotional dimensions.



Inside Out Philosophy

In these times of do more, be better, go faster, how can we get to "being enough”?

Inside Out research is the current frontier for improving human and cultural thriving, under the umbrella of adult developmental psychology. Operating from within the feeling of "enough", starts from inside us, and enables us resilience and fulfillment across our lives of leadership, personally and professionally. By understanding our internal landscape of emotional responses, patterned reactivity, socialized assumptions, values, strengths, etc––from the inside––we come into alignment with the people and initiatives that will propel our momentum for us, to bring the changes we want to our external reality.


Culture + EQ Development

Leading research is proving that a culture of trust (psychological safety) is the key to successful teams and companies. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Emotional Literacy are the foundations for building trust. And Emotional Intelligence begins with developing self-awareness on an individual level.

Understand your team's trust and engagement levels, and cultivate interpersonal skills for living a more fulfilling, inclusive, and effective work culture.

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